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How long is the stay recommended?

We recommend at least a two-week stay, a three-week stay is ideal. However, at least 10 days. We do not recommend shorter ones in any case. The basis of the stay is the cleansing of the body with the help of various consecutive Ayurvedic techniques, which cannot be observed during a short stay.

Which period is best for an Ayurveda stay?

You can go to your Ayurvedic stay at any time of the year. The October-April period is the sunniest tourist attractive season in Sri Lanka and it is the high season. May to September is the monsoon season, the low season. Prices are lower than in the high season and the monsoon season is also best for Ayurveda. The climate is humid and less stuffy. At the same time, the pores are open and the body absorbs the natural oils used in Ayurvedic procedures faster.

Do I need a visa?

A visa is required to enter Sri Lanka, so it is possible to apply for an online Visa (www.eta.gov.lk/) or an on-arrival visa. We will be happy to help our clients in completing the questionnaire.

Is vaccination needed?

Vaccination is not mandatory. If you are concerned, we recommend vaccinations against covid19. During your stay in the Ayurvedic center, you are under the supervision of doctors and all centers meet European hygiene standards.

Is Sri Lanka safe?

Sri Lanka is a small and diverse country consisting of 9 states. Sri Lanka is, on the whole, a safe country to visit. It hasn't always been, thanks to a long civil war and sporadic terrorist attacks, but government travel advisories have relaxed their travel warnings and Sri Lanka is once again experiencing huge growth in tourism