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Immunity Boost Package

Unhealthy food, less physical activities, inadequate sleep, emotional imbalance, and disturbed toxin elimination functions in the body can be considered as the key attributes to a weak immune system.
After a proper cleansing process and appropriate lifestyle changes, the immune system does not have to fight against accumulated toxins or support the recovery process from unhealthy habits. This rests the immune system and gives it time to rejuvenate and get to the prime condition and fight against external threats.

Boost your immunity through Ayurveda
• Detoxifying steam bath for guests on arrival.
• Daily pre-treatment consultations.
• In-room herbal amenities such as herbal tea, herbal gargle, shampoo, soap, and herbal detoxification oil lamp.
• Daily yoga sessions – one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening.
• Daily meditation sessions for relaxation, energy transfer, and posture.
• Special talks on how to be healthy in general.
• Cookery demonstrations (focusing on preparing immunity-boosting meals).
• Mind and spiritual relaxation therapy and more.
• Detoxifying spa treatments including thermal salt bath, steam, sauna
• Prescribed Ayurveda treatments to improve immunity – based on Doctor’s recommendation
• Lifestyle discussions and healthy living guidance

Goal: To Prevent External Health Risks by Boosting Your Immune System.