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Common Diseases

Ayurveda Intensive Program:

This program delivers complete detoxification of the body. It is the level chosen by approximately 80-90% of our guests. We publish a ‘typical’ treatment schedule for this level (2 & 3 week’s duration). This details the types/numbers of treatments according to the 3 stages of Purvakarma (pre-preparation) Pradhanakarma (cleansing therapies) and Pashtatakarma (Post-treatment) regenerating measures (dietary adjustments/medicines).

It is intended for a ‘typical’ ‘healthy’ person i.e. with no chronic or serious medical ailments and no contra-indications. However, the schedule will vary according to each guest’s current/past medical condition, contra-indications (e.g. high blood pressure / nasal bleeding), constitutional make-up, age, etc. The oils prescribed for various massages, Shirodhara, preparation for Snehanam, medicines, and your dietary plan are also determined by these factors.


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