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Pure Ayurveda / Medical Tour

This very intensive minimum 14-day purification treatment serves for treating special problems, such as pain in the joints, rheumatism, weakness of eyesight, indigestion, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, or beginning neurodermatitis, to name just a few.

Ideally, the treatment should last three weeks, for which not less than 60 treatments and applications are required, adjusted to the person involved and his/her problems. Therapies will be individually established and accompanied by a physician, supplemented by yoga, meditation, natural medicine, and Ayurveda food.

Depending on the medical prerequisites, needs, and personal wishes, the Panchakarma Classical Concept can contain the following items:

  • daily consultation of a physician, as required
  • head massage
  • facial massage
  • foot massage
  • various types of packing’s
  • herbal face packing
  • whole body peeling
  • acupressure treatment
  • special dorsum pain treatments
  • Shirodhara treatment
  • full body oil pouring
  • full body massage
  • full body synchronic massage
  • Pindasweda (thermo massage with rice pouches)
  • Thapasweda (herbal massage)
  • steam bath
  • sauna
  • inhalation
  • nose-sinus purification
  • herbal baths
  • gut cleaning
  • herbal oil enema
  • Siro Virechana (head treatment)
  • Ayurveda flower bath


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