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Prevention without medical treatment.

The optimal introduction into the world of Ayurveda offers a good combination of relaxation, purification, and maintenance of health. After a consultation meeting with a physician, about 45 treatments will be adjusted for you over the following 14 days. Oil massages, natural medicine, and Ayurveda food detoxify and purify the body and soul during this period, and daily yoga exercises and meditation provide for an additional harmonizing effect.

Depending on the medical prerequisites, needs, and personal wishes, the Panchakarma Classical Concept can contain the following items:
• daily consultation of a physician, as required
• head massage
• facial massage
• foot massage
• Shirodhara treatment
• full body oil pouring
• full body massage
• full body synchronic massage
• Pindasweda (thermo massage with rice pouches)
• Thapasweda (herbal massage)
• steam bath
• sauna
• herbal baths
• gut cleaning
• Siro Virechana (head treatment)
• Ayurveda flower bath