Ayurveda + Yoga

Sri Lanka is ideal for those seeking a Yoga retreat in Sri Lanka. Increasingly, Yoga practitioners from around the world are bringing their pupils to Sri Lanka in order to conduct Yoga retreats with the added benefit of Ayurveda treatments. Yoga is an essential element of the Ayurveda way of life, promoting harmony of mind, […]

Burn-Out & Stress Prevention

Burn-out is a paralyzing phenomenon of our times that makes idealism, enthusiasm, and willingness to work dwindle, and at the same time, physical discomfort arises, such as permanent fatigue, stomach ache, or sleep disorder. When you become nervous, your sleep is disrupted, your joints ache, your muscles are tense, you become more sensitive to irritating […]

Common Diseases

Ayurveda Intensive Program: This program delivers complete detoxification of the body. It is the level chosen by approximately 80-90% of our guests. We publish a ‘typical’ treatment schedule for this level (2 & 3 week’s duration). This details the types/numbers of treatments according to the 3 stages of Purvakarma (pre-preparation) Pradhanakarma (cleansing therapies) and Pashtatakarma […]

Summer Package

SUMMER SPECIAL 2023BOOK EARLY AND SAVE MONEY Our recommendation for your cure in summer 2023 – traditional and original Ayurveda With our SUMMER SPECIAL 2023, valid from May to September, we offer you particularly attractive early bird discounts.Our Ayurveda SPA guests take advantage of the low-priced cure packages in the summer season. The months of […]

Immunity Boost Package

Unhealthy food, less physical activities, inadequate sleep, emotional imbalance, and disturbed toxin elimination functions in the body can be considered as the key attributes to a weak immune system.After a proper cleansing process and appropriate lifestyle changes, the immune system does not have to fight against accumulated toxins or support the recovery process from unhealthy […]

Prevention without medical treatment.

The optimal introduction into the world of Ayurveda offers a good combination of relaxation, purification, and maintenance of health. After a consultation meeting with a physician, about 45 treatments will be adjusted for you over the following 14 days. Oil massages, natural medicine, and Ayurveda food detoxify and purify the body and soul during this […]

Pure Ayurveda / Medical Tour

This very intensive minimum 14-day purification treatment serves for treating special problems, such as pain in the joints, rheumatism, weakness of eyesight, indigestion, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, or beginning neurodermatitis, to name just a few. Ideally, the treatment should last three weeks, for which not less than 60 treatments and applications are required, adjusted to […]